Apr 4, 2013

Falling Water House

The spring oozes out of the house forever...

Location :  rural southwestern,Pennsylvania, US
Designer: Frank Lloyd Wright
Time : 1930s
Material :Stone
Total Cost : $ 155,000 = £ 102,500

 house $75,000; finishing and furnishing $22,000; guest house, garage and servants' quarters $50,000; architect's fee $8,000.
Resource From: lecture's notes, top 10 geeky house

I choose this house to be my very first post, as this left me so much impression and I heard books and people talk about it all the time. I saw it in an Architecture book I bought in London and
 it just impressed me. I never ever think about build a house on the waterfall! Then I heard my lecturer in Sheffield University mentioned about this building when we are doing IDP project. It present in the top 10 geeky house as well, if you google top 10 geeky house you can view all of the houses in rank. 

The house in luxury inside and outside. The waterfall made the house even more mystery and spectacular. I was amazed by the designing of the foundation to support the house, as the soil are all loose and unstable beside the bank of the waterfall. As an normal engineer, I will never ever think to build it on the river, although I used to draw pictures with a house on a sea when I was young. However, my imagination was lost following by growing up; faded in real world.  That's why I really like this house, it reminds my dream, satisfies my little naughty heart.Wright built it when he was about 70, obviously, this is not a building that an inexperienced architecture will build. An experienced architecture won't be so creative. Wright satisfied both in order to make the little castle. That's why it's unique and can not be replicated.

However, I did criticize this building. As it is a house built for clients to live, the most important thing is comfort. I think it would be really noisy all the time around the house because of the waterfall. When Wright was designing this building. Does he think of building a comfort house for the clients or does he think he needs to build an amazing house to surprise the world? 

The building is now become a museum, over 150,000 visitors went to the house each year. I think that fit the house's purpose more than being a residential house.

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